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清淨自在系列 4  -  20 正法衰敗的原因
The Most Venerable Bhante Jutipanno Thero

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The more we value things, the less we value ourselves.  Bruce Lee

To awaken means to awaken out of the self talk in the head
because the self-talk is a form of hypnosis---self-hypnosis.
Eckhart Tolle

The power is in you
The answer is in you
And you are the answer to all your searches :
You are the goal
You are the answer
It's never outside.   Eckhart Tolle

Thought tries to sustain pleasure and therby nurishes fear.  Jiddu
Awareness is the silent and choiceless observation of what is.  Jiddu

Free yourself from your own thoughts.  Rumi
The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore. Rumi

道須通流 何以卻滯
心不住法 道即通流
心若住法 名為自縛  六袓

智慧生於禪修之中 無禪修智慧即退失
知曉此二得失之道 且實踐以令慧增長  法句經道品

好像圓形球體  各人描寫對球面某 一點 之感覺
各自各不同      但又是同一個球體之感覺 互相呼應

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